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Split Case Pump

Split Case Pump Introduction

QS horizontal double suction split case pump, the casing is axially split, which permits removal of the complete rotor without moving either piping or motor. Pumps generating high heads have double volutes to reduce radial forces. Replaceable wear ring protect the casing at the impeller running clearances. Vertical or horizontal, soft packing or mechanical seal, grease or oil lubrication bearing on request. It is also electric motor or diesel engine driven on request.

Split Case Water Pump Feature

(1) Have QS and QSH two types.
Viewed from motor, the direction of the QSH pump is anti-clockwise, that is the suction in the left, the discharge in the right.
The rotating direction of the type QS pump is clockwise, that is the suction in the right, the discharge in the left. Also can move the driver to another edge according to the user’s requires. Then, the rotating direction, the suction and discharge direction is in the opposite as the described above.
(2) Supply full set split-casing centrifugal pump, motor, coupling, the inlet diameter less than 200mm match the common base.
(3) The pump is axial split casing construction.
(4) Large capacity

Split Case Water Pump Application

1.Plumbing applications
2.Circulation of hvac building systems, water booster service, boiler feed, general circulation service and more.
3.Irrigation, water supply, food processing, beverage processing, fertilizers.
4.Pulp and paper fans, plastic & rubber, metal & steel, pharmaceutical, paper mills, air wash, marine ballast service.
5.Fire pumps, fire protection, flood control, disaster relief, federal/military.
6.Power generation stations, desalination, energy recovery turbines
7.Chemical plants, refineries, petroleum distribution, coal sites, pumping.


1.Bearing 2.Framework Oil Seal 3.Bearing Gland 4.Pump Casing 5.Packing Gland 6.Packing
7.Packing Ring 8.Packing Sleeve 9.Shaft Sleeve 10.Pump Cover 11.Impeller 12.Washing Pipe
13.O Ring 14.Seal Ring For Pump Casing 15.Mechanical Seal Liner 16.O Ring 17.Mechanical Seal
18.Mechanical Seal Gland 19.Water Retaining Ring 20.O Ring 21.Bearing Housing At Driven End
22.Shaft 23.Couplings 24.C Type Key 25.Framework Oil Seal 26.Ring For Shaft 27.Bearing Junk Ring
28.Cylindrical Pin 29.Mechanical Seal 30.Cylindrical Pin 31.B Type Key 32.Packing Seal 33.Seal
34.Round Nut lock Washer 35.Round Nut 36.Bearing Inner Liner 37.Pump End Bearing Housing 38.Bearing Spacer

The QS split case water pump is widely used for clean water, sea water. There are different material for the pump parts for different liquid pumped:

No.CountryCast IronDuctile IronStainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316

We could also do all kinds of special materials like bronze (brass), duplex stainless steel pump and parts for special application.

Model QSFlow rate (M3/H)Head (M)Speed (Rpm)Power (KW)

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