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Mixed Flow Pump

AHW Mixed Flow Pump Introduction
AHW mixed flow pump is a horizontal single stage single suction volute mixed flow pump and suitable for transporting pure water or the other liquid with both physical and chemical natures similar to those of water, with the temperature of the liquid to be transported not over 50℃. The pump’s performance range: flow 130~9000m/h, head 3.5~22m.
This mixed flow pump is mainly used in steel mills, seawater transportation, agricultural irrigation, water conservancy, large flow water supply equipment, drainage, flood control, fire fighting, etc., pharmaceutical and chemical stainless steel materials for acid and alkaline liquid transportation.

AHW Mixed Flow Pump Features
Simple structure, reliable use, easy installation, high efficiency, small body, light weight.

AHW Mixed Flow Pump driving method
Direct drive and variable speed drive. The common power engines are electric motor and diesel engine. When ordering, the model of the power engine should be specified so as to determine the specifications of the coupling or pulley.

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