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Irrigation Pump

QI Irrigation Pump Introduction

QI Irrigation pump is a kind of centrifugal water pumps with single stage, single suction.The structure of this pump is simple and easy maintenance.Widely used in agricultural, animal husbandry and varies farms’  irrigation systems.

QI Irrigation Pump Feature

QI irrigation pump comply with ISO2858 international standard;

Easy installation and moving, open back structure makes it easy to take out the rotor;

Discharge on top center, pump body supported by anchor assure the stable structure and maximum resistance off-center and distortion caused by line load;

No overload design, make sure performance operate stably;

Adopt national standard hydraulic model make sure high operation efficiency and good anti-cavitation performance;

Packing seal and mechanical seal are available.

QS Irrigation Split Case Pump Introduction

Model QS agricultural irrigation water pump is a single-stage double-suction horizontal split centrifugal pump and used to transport pure water and the liquid of both physical and chemical nature similar to those of water, the maximum temperature of which must not be over 80ºc , suitable for water supply and drainage in factories, mines, cities and electric stations, waterlogged land drainage and irrigation of farming land and carious hydraulic projects. This model is widely used in agriculture irrigation, fire fighting, steel, power industry

QS Irrigation Split Case Water Pump Feature

QS pump is a single-stage double suction in the open centrifugal pump, used to transport pure water and physical and chemical properties similar to water liquid, its maximum temperature must not exceed 125 ℃,
(1) Have QS and QSH two types.
Viewed from motor, the direction of the QSH pump is anti-clockwise, that is the suction in the left, the discharge in the right. The rotating direction of the type QS pump is clockwise, that is the suction in the right, the discharge in the left. Also can move the driver to another edge according to the user’s requires. Then, the rotating direction, the suction and discharge direction is in the opposite as the described above.
(2) Supply full set split-casing centrifugal pump, motor, coupling, the inlet diameter less than 200mm match the common base.
(3)The pump is axial split casing construction.
(4) Large capacity

AZX Irrigation Self-Priming Pump Introduction

AZX series self-priming irrigation pump belong to self-priming centrifugal pumps. It is one stage, single suction horizontal water pumps. The key advantage is this type of pump has stronger self-priming capacity.
It does not need install bottom valve on the pipe line, simplified the pipeline system, and improved the working condition, just need to retain quantitative liquid before starting work.
The AZX series self-prime pumps are widely used in the irrigation and general industry department like the power plant, chemical industrial and marine.

AZX Irrigation Self Priming Water Pump Feature

AZX series self-priming pump: saving energy and highly efficient, self-priming centrifugal pump, compact structure, easy to operate, stable in run, easy to maintain, high-efficiency, long-life, strong self-priming power. The seat valve is not needed in piping system, to simplify piping system and reduce labor work.

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